Luciano Bosis

Luciano Bosis - Boutique Gunmaker - sophisticated understatement


Best of Guns Luciano Bosis Travagliato from - the city of Horses - rather have a perfect gun - as many mediocre - If I could choose only one gun, I'd take a gun from Luciano Bosis. Construction, material, processing and balance are unique. A BDF Bosis Wild Sporting is a well-trained parcours shooting a supernatural experience. Anyone who has ever experienced as a shooter, which offers quality control of the mouth of the gun - will have them.


Let's face it, the title sounds like sensationalism. However - it has its absolute authority. Luciano Bosis guns seem to come directly from the Qlymp for shotgun shooters and are very special.


The small Italian family business manufactures guns of ultimate quality. Of such good quality that is already rumored that British luxury brands have tried to convince Luciano Bosis for the construction of weapons in their name.


But Luciano rather prefers his own name on the results of his work, which is compared with the best in more than a match. Rightly Bosis is therefore proud of his own brand: Best Guns by Luciano Bosis. And Bosis should be even more proud because of his sidelock patented designs. And I myself have to admit : My absolute luxury - is to own my dream gun "Bosis" model Michelangelo in caliber 16 or 28 - but anyway: Bosis guns are my favorite guns - no matter which model. And that is not less because they are not only beautiful, they actually shoot so well. But what does that mean? What can a Bosis gun do better than the guns of other series producers? Bosis guns have a superior running quality and the specific designs have less recoil and deliver huge hits. This Bosis guns are perfectly blanced. These properties are found only in high-quality craftsmanship, and only those are able to give the shooter a perfect feeling.


Bosis guns are products of a lifetime and beyond - they never goe out of style and never go out of date - they are perfectly flat forever, reflecting the style of its owner. Thus, these guns are never "off the shelf". Not even when you are dressed with all manner of ornaments to "Super Exclusive". For interested shooters I always have 2-3 Bosis guns at the shooting range to try. Where else do you have this opportunity to take a shot with such high quality products?


It is difficult to guess that you will find such a treasure in the small, provincial gunshop, right on the street. Here you enter the shop of the master. You find the treasures beyond the romantic courtyard of the house Bosis. Entering finally this studio, there is now an absolutely unique atmosphere: Highly concentrated work - without agitation or stress - and even sometimes with singing. The men who work there are craft specialists, they love their work and identify themselves with it - maybe in a way, just as it is possible only in Italy. An extraordinary product will take time, so you can't push them. In Bosis, they are working with dedication to fulfill their target 100%. The product is ready when it is ready - and in terms of accomplishment. Bosis has its own very high standards. Nevertheless, the delivery dates are met. But - Stress and delivery pressure hurt quality, so they tried to avoid those circumstances and dont just take on more orders than they will be able to tolerate within such a small team of specialists. This means they produce about 25 to 35 weapons a year. Luciano Bosis "lives" for the guns. “No matter when we visited him, he is always in a workshop - there is always something to polishing, measuring, grinding - also on Sunday."


Every time I stand in the little workshop of this friendly family of artisans and look in the upper left corner of the room there are always some guns are from their own production. There were pieces of recently, not yet completed productions or some who were sent by their owners outside the hunting season for a review and a refresher. This grows in me a desire, which I usually do not even know I have. Of all the guns in this world there is a Bosis gun, which I really really want for me.

 Luciano Bosis I

The weapons of Bosis are - in comparison - not as expensive as the products of the three great English Gun Manufacturers Purdey, Holland & Holland and Boss. Not yet! But the British auction houses have already discovered Luciano Bosis and weapons obtained from him at a very high auction prices. In 2004 a couple of Bosis reached at an auction at Gleneagles a very high price. The guns were Michelangelo sidelock shotguns with high-quality engraving. They reached the stunning price of 95 000 GBP. Who would pay, you might ask? Don't worry, the production of Bosis guns is always well booked. And his monoblock shotgun trigger plate, which move in the price range of a Beretta S05, allow many dedicated - but not as financially strong - to have a  also Bosis.

 Luciano Bosis II

Even for a member of the British royal family Bosis already built a beautiful couple 16er side lock shotgun. Shotgun architecture of this quality simply has a price. There are fewer and fewer experts on this level who can work correctly and even these usually have to be formed for a long time in the plants until they reach the required quality level.


Taking a Bosis gun in your hand and touch it on their handling and function - I just love that moment - the feeling of happiness will be passed through as a rifle shooter. It only takes place if such a thing is absolutely flawless. This masterpiece, created in several hundred hours of manual work, is what you are holding in your hand. For me personally, the shotgun by Luciano Bosis has done exactly that. That is why they are so special.

 Luciano Bosis III

When the shooter holds the gun, he will instantly have the feeling of balance and ease. This forfeits them as an experienced shooter and immediately as a potential buyer. Most customers, who order these weapons, can also engrave them appropriately. Some Creative Art, Dassa Artworks - or Pedretti. Bosis recommends for special engravings the best engravers. The engraving is done seperatly and the customer pays directly to the engraver. The price of the engraving is determined entirely by the wishes of the customer.

We see Shotguns by Bosis on the best spring game hunts in the world - for example in Scotland, Dorset and Wiltshire. Or in the hands of shooters, who know beyond consumption, innovations and the temptations of the mass market what real quality is and have a perfect weapon.


The side locks guns and shotguns are built in standard calibers .410, 28, 20, 16, 12. The action frame is adapted to their calibers. The side locks are patented and are currently reflecting Luciano Bosis as one of the highest possible levels of development in this area. The shafts of the Bosis side lock rifles are made with great effort in traditional manufacturing. The shafts of the side lock arms arise from forged blanks. Bosis controls the process of heat treatment the hardness of the runs, so they are also suitable for soft iron barrels with thin walls.


The new model Wild Sporting, Game, Trap, Skeet is a budget monoblock model with a Trigger Plate Lock (available from about 23000 € + VAT) of Luciano Bosis for the shooters who are looking for a perfect gun, but not with the big price tag attached. It is therefore priced significantly below the side lock models (the fixed costs for a Michelangelo weapon white finish is € 45,000 + VAT). Any questions? Of course, if the buyer understands what the shotgun means and the shooting of guns and has knowledge of materials and workmanship, then it reflects the price of the product again reasonable. The weapon is different not only in the engraving of the guns, which are usually known to us and therefore would be about as expensive. Bosis weapons themselves are of such high quality work in detail and in them are special design ideas with many years of craft experience.


All guns come with a game Bosis tailormade leather case also available with soft iron fire. The choke of Bosis guns are so good that the performance of the normal soft iron cartridges that can be fired from all guns, are also very satisfactory with this gun. I don't need high performance ammunition with 1050 marking a bar. But who needs it, can of course get it. The guns also have a certificate on the strength of the steel. If you invest in a Bosis gun, you just don't buy a superfluous ornament, but a technically perfect product at the highest level of construction in the best possible materials. This means in reality: better shooting for the shooter.


Is it worth to buy a gun like this? I think absolutely yes. Whoever can spend that amount of money, will not make a mistake with a Bosis gun. Because it is the longevity, timelessness and value added of this product, which gives the real experience and joy.  You will also experience practical shooting on a very different and specific level.


The shotgun model Wild Luciano Bosis (description of my personal experiences)

As a gun manufacturer, I know Luciano Bosis for many years. A hunting friend of mine showed me some time ago an '80-ies a side lock shot gun model Queen of the manufacturer. It was the best gun I had ever seen until then.This was the initial encounters with many other guns like this. Also many other high quality products from worldwide known brands. The encounter with the rifle from Bosis was for me the beginning of a personal relationship. As part of my coaching work, I had the opportunity to accompany the development of shotguns of Luciano Bosis guns. Luciano Bosis was always anxious to revive the achievements of the English shotgun architecture with an Italian touch.


Over the years, his weapons were perfected more and more. The main design features were incorporated into British Best Guns - yes optimized surfaces and materials have been developed and used a lock design which is now patented under the name Bosis.


I think it was 2004, when Luciano showed me on the World Cup in Lonato the first prototype of its Boxlock buck shotgun. Previously, he alwasy built shotgun as side lock guns. He built the side-lock shotguns in five different calibers (.410, 28, 20, 16, 12) with custom system sizes.


Over the years, the desire arose from its customers to also have a 12 shotgun with the usual Bosis attributes, and thus was less expensive to produce. The weapon should be more determined for the toughest missions. For the owners of the  expensive Michelangelo Side lock shotgun, with their usually as high-quality engravings of, for example, Pedretti and other Italian engravers, were sometimes afraid to take these valuable shotguns to heavier hunting missions and so they just wanted a product of Bosis for hunting trips with rustic circumstances and the shooting of a similar quality.


What I saw then in 2004 the gun case, it was clear to me that it is very difficult for Bosis - even if he waived certain design features - to build guns less elegant. At first glance, it could be seen that a special shotgun was born. Just not a mass product, but a shotgun with the usual custom for Luciano Bosis specifications and finish.


Within the last 5 years Luciano has consistently worked on this model. He improved and developed several variants of the same: Sport models for clay target shooting (Trap, Sporting, Skeet) and hunting models with different barrel lengths. For all models, both boxes rounded system or traditional square systems are available. All available with or without side panels. (You can try it with me on the shooting range!) The models hunting, Sporting and Trap differ substantially in the form of stock, and the used rails, which are wider and more ventialated in the sports versions.
(Hunting: not ventilated, 8mm to 5mm; Sporting: ventilated, 10mm to 7mm; Trap / Skeet: ventilated 10mm to 10mm)
The lock mechanism is a modified Bosis flash lock system with (optional) selective single trigger, and (if desired) automatic safety. The energy for the lock system is generated by two leaf springs that are manufactured by hand and come from a special operation in Belgium. The locks are located under a forged body, which is connected deliberately for the reasons of the stability to fix the gun. The Bosis monobloc barrels are made to your specifications at an Italian precision barrel maker. Here, it only plays a role to have a perfect end result which is also a cost effective manufacturing, as is often common in large-scale weapons. This has impact on the performance of the runs. They shoot noticeably better! Bosis runs are normally made of SAE / AISI 4340 steel EAF.

 Luciano Bosis V



After various compensation processes, the barrel steel meets the standards, a strength of 800N/mm2.


Anyone who spends a lot of time rifle shooting, possibly maintains the local small game hunting and joy of hunting trips to game birds, is interested in general in a special measure of guns. The desire to own a gun, which offers as much as possible, is always present. Whenever the gun manufacturer puts on a new model, it always gives the hope for something new, and finally - get the "real gun" with which one can be perfect as a shooter - and can develop - or even be better. Mechanical reliability, Gunfit and balance are the key words with which a skilled rifle shooter measures the quality of his tool. While the correct shaft works are possible with any gun, and most of them are mechanically reliable products from the established large-scale manufacturers. The balance and absorbtion of the recoil reflects a much more difficult problem. What results can be achieved here, shows us, especially with the small producers, a lot of effort to perfect their products in traditional ways. What we really know, in principle, is only those experiences by shooters, who already had the opportunity to shoot a  Purdey, Woodward, Piotti, Fabbri, etc. and can actually try and know the difference. Best Real Guns, optimized in many details, are clearly superior to the mass produced guns.


The Luciano Bosis Wild hunting rifle model which I saw had in great detail the characteristics of a Best Gun shotgun. Design, detailing, finishes and shapes are at the highest level. It lacks, however, ultimately in the features of a Demiblock running compound and the side locks. The Wild has a Bosis monoblock barrel and the locks are installed on the plate of the trigger mechanism. This is fixed - ie not removable. The weapon I test had a  hunting shaft and a Prince of Wales grip which weighed 3.550 kg and had luxurious engraved side plates, 75cm barrels with an 8mm 5mm rail. The first tests with the weapon suprised me: This weapon does not feel like a gun in this weight class. It felt that I have a weapon with 3kg weight in the hand. Where the hell are the 550 grams gone? A few weeks earlier I had had the opportunity to shoot one of 12 couples Purdey shotguns '76 runs from the 20's - this Bosis shotgun conveyed a similar feeling in the attack.

 Luciano Bosis VI



Shooting with this Bosis gun gives the shooter very quickly the impression that he is dealing here with a different league regarding gun tools. On the Skeet machine the gun immediately becomes one with the shooter and remains in motion in the background. The shooter always feels itself - never the device. The 75cm Length never gave me a feeling of sluggishness or heaviness. I used first 12/65er X-Comp ammunition from Hull and it felt no noticeable recoil. There was no distraction in the shot, not as some sort of sensation of the shooter by the detonation process of the cartridge, which could irritate him in his goal perceptions. I already knew the ammunition which I used first from the use of many guns and it is in fact a very smooth shooting cartridge with good performance. With the Wild Bosis it seemed to me however entirely new: surprisingly even less perceived recoil with more power, so I immediately went to the course of our tower Sporting layouts and tried some shots 30m-45m away. The disks, fired from fixed quarter choke exploded, literally. And again, this ease of movement with the gun, and the absence of recoil effects, left me to do more and more shots. That's why I wanted more and I got the same few packs of Hull Sovereign Extreme Range FITASC in 12/70 with 28 grams. It is an absolute high-performance sports cartridge with which I always had a clear kick and a much greater demand to hold the weapon very strong. (The experienced readers can easily imagine the power of Hull Sovereign as powerful hunting cartridges.) - Not so however in the Bosis , the gun did something against the usual behavior of the cartridge and swallowed the recoil away. Of course my tower pigeons exploded now and their fine splinters shot like a rocket several meters high in the sky.


Conclusion: The Wild Bosis is a very special gun with a shot as I had never experienced before. The gun was a very unobtrusive part of my body, the shooters instincts supported in a very special way, and that made the shotgun, even for me, although I have had many guns in hand, to a completely new experience. The gun gives a fatigue-free shooting and this makes me leave and take it to Argentina to go dove hunting. I could not imagine any other 12-gun which could do it better. And the Bosis Wild hunting makes you want other versions - Trap and Skeet for example.


The often asked question whether you can actually buy at a higher price a better weapon and a more comfortable shooting is usually very difficult to answer.

There are many well performing guns for about 2000 - 3000 € that fit the purpose. On the other side - at a much higher price - the heavy users have guns- such as a Beretta or Perazzi MX 8 DT 10 - which give a significant increase of comfort and durability. Shooters feel these differences and are willing to pay a higher price.

Additionally, it is then customary to decorate the guns and the manufacturers offer such upgrades. With features such as wood, engravings, and side plates, the purchase price can be pushed up significantly, even though the performance of the weapon is not reflected.


 Luciano Bosis 6



For the price of the luxury variant of the above mentioned brands, you will "only" get a basic model of  Bosis - but with good wood. The engraving costs again. The weapons purchase price is high due to the design and craft work, which eventually finds its echo in a significantly superior performance, but requires on the other hand, a shooter with some experience. Whoever shot a lot with a simpler designed gun feels very different with this one and now imagines him in a gun paradise. The added cost of a Bosis shotgun is more than clear. Many other guns - also acclaimed new designs - are in comparison to pretty rough stuff.

 Luciano Bosis 7

There is a disadvantage compared to large-scale weapons: It is their availability. As a boutique Gunmaker, Luciano Bosis only produces a few weapons a year. And unfortunately I cannot answer the question whether such guns as described here with all these features will ever produce in a larger scale. It would be great. Bosis Luciano is one of the few gun manufacturers which set a mark and show us what it means to actually build a gun and what a big difference it is to mass production. He achieved many things, which would be great to make it accessible to a bigger audience.

 Luciano Bosis 8

Bosis guns are in the scale of other English and Italian top quality products.  The standard equipment are 100 % Best Guns. As already mentioned, the Bosis Wild is missing ultimately Demiblock legs and side locks. No one will miss, however, and instead enjoy the robustness of these Boxlockconstruction. It will make no conession to a Best Gun shotgun. With this model,the Bosis Wild, they are the top performer and at the forefront of this category of weapons. In addition, you get the sublime appearance of a truly exclusive shotgun.