The biggest Name in the hunting gun area.


Beretta is the biggest name in the industry and is now an institution. After all, it is in business since the 16th  Century. And it still exists: the Beretta  company is now a well recognized international company. Beretta is the oldest industrial company in the world. In recent years, Beretta made some acquisitions and is now better placed on the market than ever before. The Beretta group, for example, includes the company SAKO. The Finnish company sold 2006  Beretta 65 000 bolt action rifles. Benelli also belongs to Beretta. For Benelli, Beretta produces about 170 000 guns within one year

 Beretta Statue

For rifle shooters, the brand Beretta is a paradise. The offer is great - from cheap to luxury weapons, Beretta shotgun has everything to offer. - Semi-automatic rifles, shotguns,side locks and much more. Beretta has it all.


Many international titles were - and are - achieved with sporting shotguns by Beretta.

The backbone of the product range under the competition and hunting shotguns are the models 682/686/687 series. Many active shooters have these guns - even at the international level. The typical 680er Beretta action frame, the 682/687/686 series is the best-built shotgun action frame in the world.

The most used model of the shooters is the Model 682 Gold E. The design of the current 682 Gold E is a bit futuristic, but already the caliber 12/76 indicates that the gun can be used quite well for hunting.The 682 is only a little heavier than the hunting models 687/686 series, but is perfectly balanced - and feels even slightly easier than the "hunting" Sporting models (eg Silver Pigeon III or V, which have no ventilated central rails ). The 682 has basically always Optimachoke and a ventilated barrel cut in half a BUS. The shelf life is increased by the exchangeable jaws flank. The balance was just the combination of features - halved central rail and Optima Choke runs considerably improved. Overall, the so-equipped Beretta shotguns, the 680er series have become, well tractable.

Beretta 682 Gold E


In the 686 and 687 series apart from the sporting versions, there are also specifically targeted hunting types. Their identification is a non-ventilated intermediate rail and a narrow (6 mm) track. These guns are known all over the world. They come in many variations starting less than 2000 € to more than 10,000 €. And - adjusted in the respective action frame caliber for 12/20/28. These weapons are considered the benchmark of reliability and the hunting is practical and functional.


The hunting default drive configuration for a 12 gauge is normally (.722) with 70 chamber and a narrow 6mm rail addition, but for the 12 gauge from the SP2 models, the new Optima Choke configuaration is available with .732 "bore, long Chokes and 76 camps. The illustrations below show a 687 EELL Sporting. A very elegant shotgun with side plates, fine engraving and high-quality solid wood - as well as many technical innovations - such as Optimachoke, adjustable trigger for both right-and left-hand flank and replaceable jaws.


Perfect for hunters are the Beretta shotguns in calibers 20 and 28 to 680er action frame. My personal tip would be a SP3 or SP2 in 20/76 caliber and barrel length 76cm. If you shoot this once, you will be convinced. For many female shooters, the 20 gun models are with the length 71cm.


Engraved with side panels (right)


 Beretta  687


Engraved with side panels (left)


Beretta 687 links

Action Frame

Beretta Baskuele

The upscale product for the ambitious hunter, at the special comfort in shooting 12 gauge thoughtful shooters, is the Beretta DT 10 shotgun. Not that well recognised here - but still the top gun in the large series of its class with a price tag of 6000-12000 €   you will get the best ergonomics and shooting performance. It is one of Beretta's premium grade weapons and is produced in the Beretta Factory No. 2 in Brescia. -  kind of a Custom Shop, which maintains at the manufacturers for the production of its most exclusive weapons. Here, the DT 10 i is not necessarily exclusive, but it is in Germany for example- where they are in demand for shotguns with a price tag up to 2500 € - it counts as high priced.

My opinion is that the DT 10 is worth every Euro - and it offers in the standard version the ultimate answer for a dedicated shooter. The DT 10 is available in different standard equipment designs Trident, Trident L and EELL version .

It is the gun for shooters with a more upmarket requirements - a special weapon - a milestone of high quality and stability -You just cant get enough from the elegant overall line. Even though the forms were "straightened" over the previous ASE 90 in favor of a simpler manufacturing . Therefore, the DT 10 shoots clearly more comfortable than the previous model ASE 90. This is partly due to the attenuation of the receiving thread for the screw shank.


Beretta DT 10

Beretta DT 10 2

It is the perfect gun for a dedicated shooter

Beretta DT 10 3


In the luxury models the DT10 is precious and beautiful. DT 10 shotguns are always delivered with superior wood quality. These increases are still in the luxury and EELL variants. For even more exclusivity Special woods are available on request at an additional cost.

Beretta DT 10 4


In the variants L and Trident EELL the gun looks very elegant.

Beretta DT 10 EEL


Since 2000, the DT10 is produced, making 2008 no longer a novelty - it is mature gun, and Beretta's latest response to Perazzis MX8 series. The DT 10 has established itself as a competitive weapon, and has been discussed several times in international magazines. It has a removable lock group - DT stands for detachable trigger - the gun is in contrast to the Perazzi MX 8 not quite as customizable, but it offers everything a dedicated shooter normally needs. As a special feature, the ergonomic lever and the cross-beam construction of the closure were mentioned. The action frame is super flat with 65mm and one of the most solid structures of the market. The behavior of the DT10 in the shot is extremely (!) pleasant and quiet. It offers m. E. in the shooter shot at the time the highest caliber comfort in the 12th caliber. I know of no gun in this price range in which the shockabsorbsion would have succeeded better. There are three deductions: deductions straight, tilted right or left.


The Beretta DT 10 shotgun has a fantastic balance, top  properties, a very pleasant strolls oscillating behavior and produce regularly - thanks to the special Laufkontour (Optimachoke - .732 ")perfect shots. It is the ultimate "shooting machine "and competition gun, but of course you can  go on the hunt. Whoever is looking for a life partner, the DT10 would certainly be a good partner. The DT 10 is available in Trap, Skeet and Sporting and in various barrel lengths (71cm/76cm/81cm). Various track configurations and barrel weights are possible and as accessories and mouth flush chokes are available. You should not just buy such a weapon without testing it.  In 2010, there will be a model for the IWA Beretta DT10 Anniversary.

The Giubileo series (anniversary series) is the new top series of Beretta. It was produced as a premium product for the galleries in New York, Dallas, Milan, Paris,  London and Buenos Aires. Beretta addresses an upscale audience, which emphasizes a noble feeling, but not necessarily with the expensive technical sophistication. In this series, Beretta combines the proven so high utility value of the 680er monoblock design with an increased quality craftsmanship in the execution. Here, not the Beretta Standardbaskülen are being used, but the necessary parts are made especially for the series and polished in all parts by hand for perfect fit and the timing. This requires in comparison with the "normal goods" quite a bit of additional work hours. This is, of course, also reflected in the price. The Weapons of Giubileo series usually cost more than 10,000 €. The weapons have a hand engraved anniversary series  and a choice of V SO Exhibition Grade walnut.



The anniversary series, the DT10 and the SO side lock shotguns reflect the the highest possible quality by Beretta in a very special way.


The legendary SO5 - SO6 - SO10 side lock guns are the absolute top of the Beretta shotgun segment. Beretta SO side lock rifles have been built since 1930. These guns are  into hunting and sports designs. For lovers of side lock rifles, these weapons would be a good - but expensive option. However, keep in mind that a well-made quality - shotgun side locks with little else can be had under $ 40,000.Hence, the Beretta SO5  takes one to 24 000 €; a strategic position in the market segment. When SO5 and SO6 is mono block construction, designed without compromise to permanent extensive use: - shooting, shooting, shooting -hundreds of thousands of cartridges.


The development of the SO3, SO4 to the SO 5 was mainly the reduction of the pins in the side locks. The newer SO 5 / 6 are therefore maintenance free. Here, theSO Beretta has almost the same maintenance  than the normal range weapons. The exchange of ejectors, firing pins and lock parts is easy. The guns include the SO series of Beretta to the most prominent products in the gun world market and offer the highest use-value and high value retention. Those who purchased such a gun in  the early 90s has SO5, this can now - after almost 20 years of use - sell it at the originial cost.

The weapons have a double trigger, single trigger, selective single trigger. If you want to have a very robust value should not get the selective  (!) single trigger, because this weakens, due to its complexity, the connected shaft system and can  then tend to shaft fractures.



Beretta DT 10 SO

Beretta  687


As a customer you should deal quiet a little longer with the large range of products. So you will make the right choice and not overlook certain areas.


As a little side note: Beretta offers - if ordered - matching rifle pairs. The arms are numbered in this case with gold colored digits. In L EELL or execution of a 682/687, for example, the dedicated hunting traveler obtains a well-functioning equipment, which also makes him look good.





On the 8th of October 2007 I visited with some shooters and a member of the Beretta factory sales Germany, the Beretta in Gardone.

We wanted to see the operations and get the DT 10 customized.


The procedure for this is already impressive: After arranging the appointment they will determine the dimensions and you can choose the shaft wood. After a few hours the gun can be tested with your personal stock.


If necessary they will rework it again and test it again. On the picture below you can watch the stock maker in the finishing.



After a few hours, the stock is then finished. And it really fits like a glove. Mind you - the shaft is then adjusted - the weapon is not ready. This takes much more patience and wait for several months.




Due to the above-described unique characteristics of Beretta DT 10 shotgun which I regard as a "must have " for my classes,  I then ordered  for my shooting lessons  a DT 10 P76 which has a double adjustable stock for a custom adaptation of the gun so my stundents can shoot.


The Beretta company visit began at the main reception of the Museum building and led through the busy streets of Gardone.


During the visit the impressive dimensions were clear in which Beretta is manufacturing. Many manufacturing robots are in use, but again it is crafted to look traditional. Beretta builds all weapons components themselves, and is not dependent on suppliers. Around 1700 weapons are produced a day. And despite all the modernity, the flair of a several hundred year old company tradition is maintained.

Finally, at the end of May 2008 my DT10 Sporting arrived. I have fired the  500 rounds until mid-June 2008. - I am very satisfied.

I also got a DT10 Skeet. Wow - this thing can move fast - the perfect shotgun for the skeet discipline. By the end of July 2008 I had shot another 800 cartridges . My initial positive impressions have been reinforced. The DT 10 skeet gun is great fun. It shoots just soft and has nearly effortless precision. The DT 10 is currently my personal favorite sporting 12 gauge shotgun for shooting.

End of September 2008 I was in Cordoba (Argentina) - in my luggage were  2 20 gauge shotguns with 686E '76 LL. The Caliber 20 was great - we used the 25gr. Patrons of the Argentine manufacturer CAZA with 7 and 8 shot. Here, the meal featured 8 was better. I used fullchokes in both races.




With a little reticent behavior I was shooting about 700 rounds a day and killed about 1900 pigeons. The hit rate was slightly better than 1 to 2.  Overall I was very satisfied with my rifle choice. With such profit figures, however, the recoil - from a certain amount - clearly felt increasingly uncomfortable. An American shooter shot a 687 Eells tuned model (elimination of the transition cone, ported barrels, Mercury Kick Stop) - Result: recoil almost doesn't exists any more. - Here, we will have to deal with the tuning measures for hunting guns. This is something to give the heavy users a useful tool with comfort on the hand.

The new Perennia SV10 is a hunting rifle in that direction.




Besides many improvements it offers a new high performance choke system and an improved running kontour with a 18.6 mm diameter. If you want, you can have a  recoil absorption system. In 2010, the model in other versions will come on the market. Including a SV10 with a 20 caliber

Especially for the waterfowl hunting specialized hunters  a semiautomatic rifle is perfect. In recent years, this product group has developed intensively in order to make it to the user less complicated and more versatile.  In autumn 2009, Beretta explored the possibilities of military weapons development and has associated with the model A400 Xplor Unico  a very interesting self-loading rifle on the market. The shotgun is a very innovative product with a surprisingly short fastener mechanism.

Therefore, it is also extremely trainable, although it is a gun in caliber 12/89. It digests without manual reconciliations of all ammunition from 12/70 to 12/89 with loads from 24 grams to 62 grams. In tests,  10 000 shots were made -  without cleaning and without interference - even in caliber 12/89. The Beretta Kickoffsystem is by design particularly effective with this weapon. The Xplor swallows away several shots 12/89 without sharing the powerful energy of the 12/89 to the shooter. On the other hand, the A 400 functions - as I could test it - even with 12/65er 21GR template without complaint or interference. The shooting comfort is amazing even with standard ammunition. The light A 400 is the ideal SLF for all recoil sensitive shooters and beginners in the 12th caliber. With all these features, it is likely the most innovative A-400 SLF gun on the market.