Hanwag footwear

Originated in Munich and named after its founder, Hans Wagner, Hanwag stands tall in being the leading manufacturer of world class alpine and trekking footwear since 12 decades.

About Hanwag

Pioneer choice of all outdoor enthusiasts for world class shoes and alpine footwear, Hanwag’s broad spectrum collection is all about authentic and age old craftsmanship coupled up with sophisticated technical skills, perpetual modernism and an unflinching passion for crafting the best outdoor and trekking footwear.

Always a step above the competition, Hanwag’s 50 years of specialized foot care training replicates beautifully in its line of fantastic products. Over the years, the brand has grown multiple folds and has comfortably acquired of being the unanimous choice when it comes to premier outdoor and trekking shoes. Get thrilled checking out the durable and sustainable Hanwag products from their impressive lineage and pick your best match now at prices to leave you in awe.