Our Aspiration

The core philosophy of our family business has not changed over the past 35 years. Just as in the early days, our primary concern is to convey fascination for the hunting and shooting sport. It is our desire to foster traditional values within the shooting sport. Because of this, we place great emphasis on the satisfaction of our customers. Another important aspect is the safety of our clients. As a result, we believe that only the highest quality product can guarantee both safety and enjoyment of the shooting sports.

Our motto is customer satisfaction and we aim achieving this by providing our clients with the best possible shooting sport experiences and gear, tailored individually to their needs- competent and comprehensive. Therefore, we expend a great deal on energy to deliver our customers a service that is personal, uncomplicated and always competent whereby the individual desires and needs of our clients take center stage.

During the sales conversation, transparency is the key factor. We do not merely want to provide you premium goods; we want to do it on fair conditions. This is especially true for the purchasing of second hand weapons. We aspire to deliver to our customers a “carefree package” that entails the best possible service in the hunting sport possible.